First, your vision for retirement, then a plan.

Most financial advisory firms have access to similar investment products. So if we all have access to the same products, what sets apart the great from the good? Two things. First — the people. Second — the process those people use to make your retirement vision a retirement reality.

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    Vision Definition

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    Map Planning

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    Retirement Income MoneyMap

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1. Introduction

Get to know you

Talking about money and retirement is personal. Before we dive in together, you'll get to know us. The real us. And we’ll get to know you. After all, retirement is the biggest expense you’ll ever have and the most exciting season in your life. If you’re going to invite someone alongside you in this journey, that someone needs to understand your story. You’ll end this introduction phase knowing what’s ahead to craft a plan.


2. Vision Definition

Define your vision

With a shared understanding of one another, we'll work together to define your vision for your ideal retirement. Want to vacation once a year in Florida? Live half the year in Italy? Spend meaningful moments with your grandchildren and their children? Make a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains or the Serengeti? Before we know what route to take, we need to know where you'd like to go.

3. Map Planning

Create your plan

With your ideal retirement clearly defined, our team analyzes your current financial position and investment strategies. Then we ask a simple question — are you on track to have the resources you need to realize your retirement vision? When we have this answer, our team of professionals with 25+ years of experience creates your detailed plan.

Our Financial Services

  • Income Planning
  • Income and Expense Analysis
  • Inflation Planning
  • Helping Maximize Social Security
  • Spousal Planning

4. The Retirement Income MoneyMap

Equip you

The Retirement Income MoneyMap is your comprehensive guide to lead you to your vision for retirement. You receive a cashflow report so you feel secure in what you spend and how you spend it. You have real-time access to a net worth summary to stay informed. With the tax rate plan analysis, you'll have financial confidence that we're helping you plan for changes in the future.


5. Execution

Implement and evolve

After you're equipped with the Retirement Income MoneyMap, you can refer to it as often as you'd like. The MoneyMap can evolve as your dreams and plans change over time. Your partnership with the Singer Financial team means you have a team alongside you to help ensure your plan is both optimized and implemented.


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